Thursday, November 15, 2007

ten to three

wrapped in a head scarf because it is cool
i sit and sit hot chocolate, because it is cool
with my little dog foot warmer at my feet

this is the break in the day
the mug so big it makes me still smaller
the watching of the clock
that will usher in the younger
and noise and action and activity
homework, and doing and constant talk

this is the time, that i sit,
in my parlour just me the spider, the fly
miss moffatt and all the rest
pulling from the shelf a book
i have bought from the good will
it is the good will of others
that pass on the rich tones of pages
that might sit unread, donated and
bought by the likes of me

and then my head and hands become too wordy
and like any good purge binge situation
i sit and do the other thing
in this case keeping fingers warm
because it is cool

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