Thursday, August 09, 2007

right now

right now i am uncurling my toes
and drinking hot tea, even though i have had enough caffeine to sink a battle ship
such violent metaphores,
let's try again
even though i have had enough caffeine to enliven my garden and set the mums to dancing around with wild eyes
that's better

right now i am reading the final harry potter
who isn't
right now i am younger than yesterday
and have discovered that thought can bump into you
i did earlier, right into me in the form of a friend
that likes the same colour families while we both
searched for second hand treasures

right now my tea is cooling
and my throat is healing from soreness
right now i am too lazy to get the poem i wrote in my notebook
that i was going to post

now my back is a little hunched
the smell of ratatoulie wafts up here
the floor is scattered with colourful bits of paper
the fingers are enjoying playing on the keypad
right now is good.

right now i will finish the mug of tea
that sits on the desk
and get back to reading
couch laying
and silence

for right now
see you

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