Tuesday, August 21, 2007

imagine purple peppers, fresh violin, and a basket of buttons

there really are purple peppers
and today krissy and i saw a whole basket full

the girl played fiddle
the meats smoked
and the corn was abundant

we drank tea
and unraveled our tales
sip sip
chat chat
keeping tracks of minutes
with the darkening of the brew

isn't it exciting to have a new friend
one who gets excited about fresh vegtables
sweet watermelon and ears of corn

isn't it a wonder...

today i walked another dog
and decieded i had the right dog
the right size and temperment
even though i was delighted and taken
by sweet sweet morgan the yellow lab pup

a dog in ear rang barked and owen warned them off
he is small and feisty and well reminds me a little of me
scruffy, feisty, small, engaging...i hope
morgan ran, looked very concerned and tried to hide
why is it the small ones are made so tuff?
guess cause they need to be

i got a basket of buttons too.
and a present of one of my most favorite show dvds
'the hilarious house of frightenstein'
from my little b and big J
all this buzz in just one day...
imagine purple peppers
and fresh violin

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krissy said...

aw, that's so sweet! i love it!! it's the perfect way to sum up your day...
morgan sounds like a cutie too. owen spooked him, huh? that's so funny!
when i was a kid i had a wierd fascination with "the hilarious house of frightenstein" (all these years i've thought it was frankenstein...). i guess i was 6 or so when it was on tv and i was both intrigued by it and a little afraid. i loved when the witch made a brew in the big cauldren but the wolfman totally scared me. when he danced with those psychedelic colours behind him. man, that really frightened me for some reason! i haven't seen that show since the '70s. i think i need to go find it on youtube!
have a lovely week and i'll see you soon! :)
ps. sorry, i'm a dork...i didn't even think to give you the url of my blog. doh! glad you found it though...

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