Tuesday, May 29, 2007

number 3

number 3, originally uploaded by Kim's Suitcase.

june the 9th i will be teaching my creativecard making workshop (which focuses of collage and sewing on paper) at www.nathalie-roze.com in leslieville, it will be in the afternoon this time. the past workshops have been lots of fun, the scones and tea are always lovely and the introduction to the sewing machine seems to help people become less afraid of it. please tell your friends who might be interested.


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megan said...

oh i have a request. possibly.. i am opening an art center in kitchener for july. the main idea is independent artists will sell their items in the shop and we will have all styles and all levels of art classes in our studio. i see that you are going to nathalie-rose to teach... soooo... what would it cost to have you come do a workshop or two, probally in august or september, at my shop? --meg (litlwon@gmail.com)

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