Monday, May 28, 2007

the day i didn't have clean underpants

remember the june day in the picture
blue cotton boomers taken against the slide in the concrete playground
hair in bunches and bobbles
uncle bobby sweat shirt
brother and self in a tree at niagara falls

against the leaves of green white flowers
with yellow centers

today i explained to owen he was gonna loose his balls
so when the males in the park came up to him sniffing around
to see if he had balls he wouldn't
and because bob barker from the price is right keeps saying so

imagine being memorable for this historic quote
"remember get your pets spay and neutred"

tired today
looking for a place to dance
sick to death of sitting
when my whole body says 'hi remember me?"
and i am and i do and then i recall what music
makes me do sway and swoon and fall in love
and want to dance dance dance one more dance

i will arrange a time and place
and secretly tango
with a rose in my mouth
recalling the tango contest i won at 14
at a resort called delawana with a talk blonde girl with moxy

and recall too coming of age
getting a period
the mystery of big fat tampons with no aplicator
and being called pumpkin even though i wasn't that round

memories don't need to be made they seep in
brew like the best coffee
steep like the best tea

sitting the snapsizes sizzle one to the other
and in the shower i just notice that on the shower head
there is a setting for niagara which i have never used
but choosing chance and experience over the fear of deluge
i just might

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