Thursday, March 01, 2007

happy birthday to me

happy birthday to me, originally uploaded by Kim's Suitcase.

hey they say it's my birthday
well happy birthday to me...

it is such a grey day today, cold and dull the kind of day that supports travel to such sunny destinations as fiji and florida and good ol' california..

i love grey, one of my favorite non colours especially when it rains,
strange huh for such a lover of colour such as me, but colours can be loud and quiet is so nice for the eyes, lavender eye fields bathing the eyes in soft, this is good

today so far has been sweet
a cookie, and genmai tea at a cafe with a friend i popped in on, and made an escape route for, so nice

i found a doggie daycare, funny something i never knew i would ever wish to investigate. thoughts on this day.
hey happy to of been born, making use of my days to notice sometimes coment on the daily, mundane, the special stuff, the greys that sometimes go unnoticed tea gulped by instead of sipped..

my mama, a wee stature and a strong woman taught me to take my time, held up the dignity of not rushing, did things slowly, like eating and walking and speaking...born in a different time, middle aged by the time i rolled around, no frolicking but lots of fun, singing in the grocery store and making a game out of the vacuum that frightened me saying it was her doggie...which also frightened me...

loud noises i didn't like from the first car ride home from the hospital a howl is what i did when papa bear slammed the car door...

here i am an older person, perhaps depending on where you are looking at it from aged 41 not yet the age my mum had me at!

once scared of dogs, now in love with them...
never knew i wouldn't be living the hermit dream of mountain dwelling
meet a man so sweet and kind and love love loveable
and have a daughter sweeter than sweet potato pie

still can't spell nor memorize the times tables...

in the garbage today a chair,
little and broken and mine
piles of peeling paint
and a seat no longer

hi it's my birthday
happy birthday to me


Theresa said...

Happy Birthday Kim from us(Theresa, Dave and Leah) I've been reading your blog again. I would like to tell you that I really enjoy your poems.

michael ringwood said...

Happy birthday to you. You have a really nice blog. Colorful and full of warmth. Keep up the good work and have a great year ahead.
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theresa said...

oh, happy birthday--I haven't stopped by in a while--no particular reason--you are a 40's gal--me too---we are getting wiser, no? I think yes.

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