Monday, March 19, 2007


she lives not in a bachelor
because she is a girl
she lives in a bachelorette,
i wonder if it is smaller than a bachelor

she wears heavy eye make up
think elizabeth taylor in cleopatra,
but aged
and a bob of black hair
think same actress and film

my puppy knows that
she feeds dog biscuits to the puppy downstairs
before she tells me

she wishes she had something good to give him
my puppy that is

her bachelorette is full of books
she says
especially cook books
and she says
thank god i haven't found any i want

i will have to get an apartment

my rude puppy persists
knows that she is his kind
the kind that is generous
with words and dogs
and carries milk bone dog
biscuits for cute dogs she meets
and likes to cook and read
and loves elizabeth taylor
and cleopatra
and being a girl
in a bachelorette
even though she must be 70

rude puppy persists
and tugs at her jacket
and she says
not to worry i wear nothing
that i am concerned about ruining
cause she feeds strange dogs
and i bet talks to cats in the street
that she meets
like i do...

we meet at the goodwill
looking for books we don't need

she lives in a bachelorette

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