Friday, February 23, 2007


have i been productive.

depends who you ask i guess.

i have been reading a very inspiring book,
a radical notion really
it is entitled

'how to be idle'
by tom hodgkinson

not that i really need a guide,
being that my two favorite activities are
and puttering

which brings me to productivity
and the concept of skiving
without guilt...

guilt, how could i have guilt
when i freely eat all dressed potato chips

it is the middle near end of february,
and i have done a few things for money
and more for love

i have done piles of dishes this week
and have also left piles of dishes undone
just for balance

i have got up at strange hours
due to the new puppy
and experienced new weather
that was always there but went unnoticed
i have seen the stages of the moon,
and have been surprised that in the city
i could see some stars,
i have seen the different conditions of snow,
really so many, hard, crunchy, packing, powder

i have loved looking at the shadows cast by the trees
and early light and orange glowing up from the white ground

i have heard the birds
i have examined all types of puppy poo, why not if indeed you
must pick it up anyway..
carrot is hard to digest, and coloured foil passes right through

i have taken naps and asked for flora the cats forgivness,
which see gave willingly after a bite and a scratch..
i have notice she has odd scabs, that i enjoy picking
but she doesn't

i have watched my daughter grow bigger
and my husband shrink a little
and i have asked his apolgy for upsetting the harmony
with our new puppy son, brother, friend

i have meet dogs with names like jerry, after seinfeld, and
hubble after the telescope

i have experience cold wind and a muddy coat

i have missed classes and stayed in sleepy
i have postponed working for dazing

watching the puppy try to eat sunshine
and laying in a sunbeam myself

i have been on time, to pick up my daughter from school each day
and each morning i have arrived a little early,
i have meet numerous strangers and have had more doggie
conversations than i can count, and seen more smiles than
i new where possible in below below 0 weather

i made a few doodles
wrote words,
cut up magazines,
made valentines,
washed a few clothes

made a few mediocre meals.
found a new restaurant
enjoyed the smell of little india
participated in the puppet club for kids
in which i have been the narrator

watched a little tv.
re-love malcolm in the middle
watched the hilarious larry david
(who knows how to idle) in a set
of dvds from a show i can't recall the name of

discoved a new store that i like
did a couple of illustrations
early in the month

endured my jays bad back,
it was sore

recieved a nasty note from my neighbours
who are dog haters...thats a whole species

disabled my answering service
and disabled my answering machine

changed my address for the ocad magazine
thought about love, peace, family,

had extraordinary dreams starring matt damon
a pool and oprah

watched my pants grow snug

thought about the coming of spring
had nice passing words with the crossing guard

ate more salads
and more pizzas
and more chocolate
drank less black tea
and more green tea
watched my hair become longer and unruly

sat at the kitchen table
enjoyed tv satellite jazz
and cbc radio one

realised my daughter is often listening carefully
and happened to surmise after a snow warning on the
radio followed by a story about abduction
that the snow could cause you to disappear...
straightened that out


visited goodwill often
bought pants, plaid
books, novels, and the one about idleness
and a few on dogs

cancelled life drawing with rhonda
went to see the beatrix potter movie with rhonda
ran into merill
bought another book on b. potter

tried to remain calm
tried to remain attentive
tried to remain awake
tried to sleep.

i am still not sure.
but i do know,
it doesn't really matter.

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