Monday, February 05, 2007

love knot

love knot
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the day is cold
i sew around paper hearts
thing of green things
fresh twigs
and rays of sun

you are in a cocophany of noise
mr. arrington, mr. arrington
and i send you psychic love notes
that the puppy hasn't yet chewed

just when you attain a good stretch
i notice the need for a further stretch occurs

i have hot chocolate in the cupboard
and a daughter in the school up the road

i have a brother,
a sister
a mother

this is my family

and my husband jay of course

to day is monday
and i am left to my own devices

playing with a box of watercolour crayons
and sewing thread, and love hearts

i turn on the television while eatting the orange sun
and hear bits of words and images of famous people
and then i turn them all off

and see that the walls talk
if you listen closely
and the paint that is peeling in the bathroom
is really a portal to another world
these are thoughts i think
when left to my own devices
with balls of string
and a kitty in her basement apartment named flora

underneath the cracks in the sidewalk
the icy bits and pieces of outside
the red checks that leave their mark
under ground
and stuff that makes me stop

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