Friday, January 05, 2007

yabby dappy doo da zip dilly i eh

i have a pair of clean underpants on my head
they seem to contain a magical ingredient that makes me type really fast
words are just flying hitting the screen at at least 40mph,
the same speed a greyhound can run

my daughter placed them on my head giggling
doing magic spells and telling me essencial information for life
which i didn't quite hear

i am thinking swimmingly

i thank mrs haidida my grade 7 typing teacher for this gift of swift fingers
and am sorry i teased her about joining the hare krishnas

i thank the academy for giving me this grand award

wearing a pair of underpants on your head is a good remedy for what ever ailes you
and although i have not yet heard or read about it in any advice column i would strongly advise it

if i am feeling particularly blue (now this is a secret so do not tell you know) i ask my husband to wear a sweet little hair clip in his hair...this never fails to make me laugh, even writing this i am cracking have to be there
it is something like dressing up a dog and the dog still trying as hard as it might to keep it's dignity
if this aint love i don't know what is...
but please don't tell.

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