Monday, January 22, 2007

puppy poo happens

the weekend
like gas let out a hot air balloon
i am kept afloat
and busy
taking dog owen out to do his business
he is currently employed in the elimination business

the weekend
a period
at the end of Monday

along comes Saturday
and i release
jay to roam
my very wonderful husband

Bea my daughter and i tackle
in which i do the math
and then reconfigure
and do it the right way round
years before i knew i had
some mis-wirering in this department

Sunday comes
and i go to the grocery store
and am caught in the wave of shoppers
with the dollar event,
ratatouille won't happen
cause i just gave birth
to a new boy dog

the labor pains where nothing
compared to the first
and happily i have yet to have trouble with post partum

our friends come,
caught up in their own Sunday land
of comfort and comforters and staying in bed
and then realize to our house will happen

out of the car piles the baby, a real live beauty
named Oscar with a capital o
a little Nordic Viking
blonde and blue eyed and solid solid

frolicking happens,
talk and chatting
bowls of soup
and round bagels
cheese and veg

napping and carrying the babies

and then the height light drama
at the end of the show
after long sentences and comas
and semi colons

and dishes that almost wash themselves

after the frolics of baby and pup

an unintended intermingling

well the carpet is patterned and brown,
easily not noticed

little blonde boy with puppy poo in this hair

each grab a task
the mammas wash Oscar with a capital ohhh
the man washes the carpet with a capital oh No!
in the basement i wash the change pad free of pup poo

and Bea the seven year old escapes to the refuge of
her room and her radio and 1930's jazz music

with her final declaration

it was a lovely weekend
bookended and bright
warm and cold
snow and twigs

tail wags and baby smiles

and friends
and tea
and family...

life can be very good
even when puppy poo happens.

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