Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Sassy Little Craft Show

It is true.
Tis the season to open ones suitcase and sell the wares contained within...

The next fabulous show I will be attending is an evening function, perfect for those that prefer 'drinks' to tea.
As for me it goes way past my bedtime and I will be ingesting grand amounts of caffeinated beverages in order to give the correct change.

If your in town please come it should prove to be a novel way to gather gifties for all those on your lists.

The Sassy Little Craft Show
Saturday November 18th 2006
6pm until 1 am ! (really)

The Victory Cafe
(on Markham Street around the corner from Honest Ed's)

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patricia said...

i so totally love your work...i'm opening a shop and would love to carry your goods (consign to start -- wee start-up budget) if you are ever interested...

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