Thursday, October 05, 2006



in the backyard
little flies
masses of them

one has to squint
and then later they have moved on

in the garden, between the resting chysanthmums and the hosta
a magnificent spider
don't know his name
with a feasty of the little squint flies

i walk around and look
and feel the cold air

and i am not thinking
but absorbing
sky, air, green, resting plants
pretending to be dead

and magnificent spider

the other night on television
i saw a program on squid
and i swear it my life has changed

natural world fills me up
reminds me real is real

amongst the other real we make up
sending, tidying, doing.

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Rachael said...

Lovely post Kim. It's the little moments that make life good.

PS. you should turn on the "word verification" option in blogger to eliminate spam comments.

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