Thursday, October 26, 2006

Kim's Magical Mystery Tour

Part one: a little bit about where I live.
(for all those who love our wee town including miss Keri)

I live on a busy kind of street , residencial with a rambling streetcar that goes by. We can walk to Bea's School and Jay can walk to his work. Sometimes I feel the vibrations of the streetcar, in the bathtub, upstairs in bed and each time I think of the Woody Allen movie where the main character's childhood home is under the rollercoaster. Each time I giggle about this and enjoy it.

The backyard backs onto a little untouched triangle of small creek and very large trees. The King of the Trees is a huge maple. In my back yard I have tall pine trees, Louisiana Creeper and lots of birds. Less birds now the berries on the creeper are gone. Note: I'll have to put up some feeders in place of the glass lanterns. I've always wanted to have a backyard having grown up in an apartment building. When I went to friend's houses as a child I would always ask to see or go into the backyard. Backyard, I loved the sound still do, even if it was a little grassy knoll of a yard I felt really happy, the privacy to sit and look at plants and the teeny tiny critters undisturbed. The little ant hill, or lifting a rock like in MY backyard and seeing the little potato bug families.

I like the contrast of where I live. It can be quiet, or noisy. People to watch at certain times of day coming and going to school. A birds eye view of the streetcar ( I've always lived on it's line- I like streetcars and somehow it makes me feel secure, and unafraid of getting lost- just follow the tracks). I see the little travelers and always check the driver to see if it is my brother, who drives a streetcar. A game I like to play with Bea called "Where's Your Uncle?".

If I walk around the corner from my house one way I'm in the urban, grey and shabby parts, I swear the culture here has a unique dialogue and accent all there own, I like having tea here sometimes and eavesdropping. Sometimes the dialogue is so harsh and unbelievable to me, poverty, jail, trouble. If I keep going just a stones throw away the area becomes truly colourful and sparkly, this is Little India. Shops full of colour and bangles and sari material. If I walk the other way it is all pretty houses with yards and leaves and quietness, especially near an old cemetery from the 1800's until now.
I like reading the names. Seeing the big headstones (stone carving lettering is amazing) . Reading the names, imagining the people, those that are related, those that have gone.

If I keep walking round this corner and head south, eventually I am at the Beach on Lake Ontario, this is where I harvest my rocks for the making of pocket rocks. I am pulled to this every so often. Always I am amazed by the sky and water you can not see land across, they don't call it a "Great Lake" for nothing, and always I am amazed by the cordial dogs I meet so well socialized, more familiars than pets.

This is a little about where I live. Where I can be found wandering around. Wandering and Puttering my two favorite occupations.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour.


Johnny Ong said...

if u like to dream then dream big. make a list of 100 dreams and paste it on yr fridge with dates besides those dreams (achievable dates of course).

keri Smith said...

oh, i loved this tour!

i can picture it all vividly in my mind.

i lived on bathurst for a few years, i can relate to the streetcar shuddering. i found it soothing after a while.


tania said...

so glad i made it for the tour!
your backyad sounds great-

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