Monday, April 03, 2006

pillow pocket karma

pillow pocket karma
Originally uploaded by Kim's Suitcase.
I loved this old apron that I found while hunting for used fabrics, it is so soft and the pattern is so joyful. I keept the pocket intact.

Did this apron ever think it would one day be a pillow? Karma is like that I think.

I like to think of the notion of having a pocket that one puts things in and it changes. Can you imagine a cheese and pickle sandwich after being emersed in the pocket becoming a paper back novella?


sarah said...

i was excited to see your post on my livejournal (compasspoints)... you are one of my favorite people to run into at zine fairs. i tried to email you, but it bounced back, so i figured i'd post here.

i must have been projecting some crazy "dogs! love me!" energy yesterday, 'cause i had a couple of nice encounters on my way home,
too. (none were quite as special as little wiggly tess, though.) i
wonder if some dogs are really attuned to knowing when people need

i took a look at your flickr site, and saw the owl illustration you
have there. i'm completely in love with this owl, and am in the market
for a new tattoo. i was wondering how you would feel about your owl as
a tattoo design. i was also wondering, if you're open to the first
idea, if you'd like me to pay you for it's use, and how much you would

♥ joleen ♥ said...

I LOVEEEE this pillow! Such a beautiful way to 'recycle' an apron. It's absolutely beautiful, whimsical, and fun. Great job! xo

thesoulofhope said...

I love every pillow you make a bit more than the last!

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