Wednesday, March 01, 2006

tea and me

tea and me
Originally uploaded by Kim's Suitcase.
happy birthday to me!
i think i will have a cup of tea.

for this weeks theme at illustration friday "tea"


Kari said...

Is it your birthday? Happy Birthday to you!

I have been wandering around your blog and loving everything I see. You have a unique presence and I love it.

Glad to see some new posts and the artwork is adorable of course!

kari x

estherc said...

what a cute blog! your work is super dooper! i especialy like last weeks illio fri, really nice

carla said...

What fun! Happy Birthday to You!

tania said...

happy happy birthday!
i just changed my calendar to march! how handy of you to have entered it there!

♥ joleen ♥ said...

Happy Birthday!! :) xo

Christianna said...

Happy Birthday, one of your Karma pillows found it's way to my house & now I'm wishing you a happy birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

LOTS of fun! Happy Birthday to YOU Kim!

Ninetta said...

I love it when ART is personal. Lovely illustration. Free and Expressive.

Happy B-day!

Cin said...

a little late, but happy happy birthday!

natascha said...

A little bit late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Feliz CumpleaƱos!!!

Snowbear said...

Hey Happy Birthday--yes, I'm a bit late for the party--would this happen to be the 40th!

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