Friday, February 03, 2006

I have been tagged!

keri tagged me see her in the links,

4 things, 4 things, 4 things
the number scares me a little it means death in Japanese a little unlucky like the number 13, to me it represents stability and for some reason that scares me too. It is my sisters favorite number and she likes the square as well. My favorite number is three...three saved my life, stopped me from dissapearing out of the blue, I use to chant three, three, threeeee all the way home!

this above has nothing to do with the tag, just a little preambles-do...
here we go, one, two, three, four!

4 jobs I have had.
-bookstore clerk, for ever and a day..Currently in a somewhat charming and utterly seedy second hand book, music and movie store

-special educational assistant, for children and young adults with special needs, one high light of this job was taking 4 autistic boys to the royal winter fair...We all liked the wonder dogs

-camp arts instructor at a arts day camp, the only job I ever got fired from (it was about me wanting the process to be important rather than the product...We made an awesome multi media mural, but no va)

-bookworm, an actual bookworm in a costume for a spelling bee (the fairy princess costume didn't fit...The story of my life)
the girl that won the bee is one of my heros she was so passionate and intense and she could spell!

4 Movies I watch over and over
-Harold and Maude
-Housekeeping by Bill Forsyth if only I could get my hands on a copy
-Ghost World based on the Dan Clowes comic, if only Simon would please return it.
-Antonia's Line

4 Places I have lived
-Toronto, Toronto, Toronto, Toronto,
north, west, east
-Akita, Japan for 9 months
-Berlin, Germany for 3 months
-Cuckfield,England for 18 months
I was born there

4 TV Shows (over the course of my entire life)
-the Friendly Giant
-Batman (live action from the 1960's)
-H.R. Puffin Stuff
-coronation Street (currently since I was six)

4 Places I have vacationed
-Lodz, Poland
-Shodoshima, Japan
-New York City

4 of my favorite dishes
-Dim Sum
-Mummy's Roast Lamb
-Jay's first date Eggplant Parmesan

4 sites I visit daily
(please click on the links to take you there)
-Loose Tooth
(check out how Brandy spent her birthday!)
-Flikr, cause I am an image junkie!
many others, also etsy to go to a virtual
craft show each day...Is that four?

4 Places I would rather Be
that's hard as I am quite hobbit-ish in my stay at home
drinking tea way...But
-in the company of friends and a pot of tea
-having a swim
-somewhere I have never been!

I tag, Dave H, Rhya, Tania, and Cindy at Learning Daily
and Rhonda who keeps me on my that 4,
I failed math as well as spelling!



Cin said...

yes I will play, guess I better, Wally tagged me too, thanks Kim!

only seen Ghost World, loved it, just bits of harold and maude so don't remember much, will check out your other two don't know them at all

hee, I love that you were a bookworm, that's perfect!

tania said...

ooh i am tagged!
i LOVE housekeeing too! and dim sum and tea and swimming and the friendly giant and and...

Anonymous said...

We actors don't get a lot of TV till we get "really" famous - but we live and breathe our TV regardless. TV
Like your blog :o)

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