Sunday, February 12, 2006

babble before sun rise

lets see what this insomnia brings. it isn't exactly insomnia although it is early. but rather odd napping. falling into slumber and inattentive movie watching. lets be truthful, i have a bug. its in my throat and ears and nose, i call it fred, although it is female and its real name is frederica.

apparently throat pain has to do with unexpressed words and feelings, perhaps this type type typing will ease the pain.

360 degree tour at 5:01 this morning. in darkness less the glow of esmerelda the computer
chilly a little in a grey tee shirt with a stain and monkey pants

behind me rubble and clutter and heaps and hopes
papers and pillows and things not put away and suitcases filled with flowers and fabrics and all sorts of trim
actually the trim is in a purse of straw

kermit, an iron, unstuffed pillows, a quiet fax machine, the door that is closed.

down the hall sleepers one , and two

outside the street lamp with an orange glow
across the street an old age home with one of the windows illuminated
perhaps i should go and cross the road fly up to the window with a gentle rap rap and ask if they wish to play
chinese checkers or if they have any coco or spare chocolate around or maybe a soothing herbal tea camomile?

my mind like a quiet and dark city street, slick and alert and dead in a way

up the wall white rectangles drawings of jays of odd things and onions in black and white

in the window a dream catcher and an old frame, no glass just a little sweet metal

a rack of scissors from sandy from christmas

ladybugs that relieve achy muscels
a tangerine box full of c.d.s

thoughts zig zag and rick rack

sleep is seeping in
and the throat eases a little as all the words spill out
good morning
good night

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