Tuesday, October 25, 2005

tag off the top of my head

(see joleen in the links, she tagged me)

1. i am easily tagged because i move slowly.

2. i do not like to be rushed.

3. i never learned my multiplication tables

4. i am a terrible speller.

5. today, i was called a 'rule breaker'., can you believe that!

6. i have loads of laundry

7. my favorite weather is rainy.

8. i have been trying to learn to skate since grade two.

9. is one of my favorite ages

10. it is true i like to watch coronation street, isn't that builder guy going out with shelly just awful!

11. i have an interest in things small and really small.

12. today i laughted out loud at a dog wearing what looked like polo pajamas think 1970's star trek outfits combined with baby sleepers

13. at thirty i developed wicked pms....wicked!

14. sometimes i am self concious

15. i love colours...i almost can taste them

16. the sense of smell is my best one.

17. i have a cosmic twin

18. i live with a beautiful man

19. and a gorgeous daughter

20. i love my cat flora

i tag tania, i tag christian, i tag dave h. i tag rhonda, and i tag rhya.....na nanny boo boo....ha ha ha...love to you all...kim


tania said...

uh oh!

Kate said...

I kant spel efier.

Anonymous said...


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