Monday, October 24, 2005

enjoy your life

enjoy your life cards
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please click on image, make it large at flickr and enjoy your life.

i tell this story often. i was at a pride day parade many years ago in toronto. watching the outlandish to the wild to the well sublime.

my favorite float of all time anywhere at any parade ever was this one:

the gay buddhists of greater toronto,
a bunch of even keeled looking people nothing spectacular or outrageous with a nice banner that said simply "Enjoy Your Life". it made a huge impact on me, and has inspired me to this day to make art with the theme of "enjoy your life", to send out greetings of "enjoy your life" and to simply try to enjoy my life.

So today i say to you, pick a card any card, one of mine, one of your own and "Enjoy Your Life".


laura r. said...

this is my favorite post.

tania said...

what a good reminder- i needed that!

♥ joleen ♥ said...

I *love* these!

ps- You've been tagged. :)

Tania Ho said...

so cute :-) this made my day...

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