Friday, May 06, 2005

Ernest Borgnine and Redd Foxx Play Marbles

last night
in the back alley
I think I saw
Redd Foxx
Ernest Borgnine
playing marbles
Redd was upset that he had missed
lost all his allies to Ernest
Ernest was sympathetic to this
and offered half the marbles back
Foxx was sobbing uncontrollably,
something about not again, not again
Borgnine trying to console him
was in turn shouted at by Foxx
"You Gotta Wash Your Ass"
Ernest quietly collected his marbles
and turned down the alley
leaving Foxx ranting,
"You Gotta Wash Your Ass"
Upon entering the light of the street lamp
I saw that Borgnine was wearing a t-shirt
with the words
"outta my mind, back in five minutes"
any way I think it was them...?

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thesoulofhope said...

congrats on being a finalist in The Toronto Community Bicycle Network Poster Contest!

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