Friday, May 20, 2005


i send thoughts of large wildflower bouquets
i hope you are open to receiving
and i am conjuring bowls of metaphysical oatmeal
i am hoping you might taste
i am putting bandaids on all the cuts i can't see
and wishing you a day full of grace

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DragonGirl said...

I am imagining the wildflowers, sitting pretty in my favourite creamy white vase, the scent of honeysuckles swirling through the air, the purple vetch, wild pink roses, and the spikey purple thistles waving happily on the kitchen table...right next to my steaming bowl of oatmeal, a pat of sunny yellow butter melting away among the damp purple currants, burgundy raisens and perfectly textured steel-cut oats. Lifting my spoon to take that first luscious bite, I notice the band-aid on my finger, a result of last night's attempt to trim the cat's claws, and smile back at the Elmo peeking from around my knuckle. He was the last Seasame Street band-aid I had.

What a beautiful morning in the land of imagination...Thank You!


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