Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Remainders of the Lunch

ahh you have lost your lunch bag...

oh well it seems they only have a shelf life of half a year

happy the old lunch box is found

left to fester in a warm school for the holidays

i didn't consider this until i opened the bag

stepped back
and then leaned in

wafting out an odor i can only describe as green
and not in an inviting way

lean in

an unidentifiable element
almost round
completely green
and powdery
like a spawn
an alien
nothing earthy
up until now

no stranger to fungi
as i did do a science fair
on the subject

growing small amount of mold
in tiny baby food jars i keept in the fridge

space ships

lean in
and find
what is this new thing
initially repulsive
not edible for certain

a strange mutation
of an orange tangerine
i conclude

and i am a little less repulsed
a little smitten with this
powdery disolving orbish creature
who i didn't give a name

plundged a plastic fork into
and disposed of carefully
incase it was catching

you never know
how things will appear
and the challenge of seeing past
your preconcieved notions

and intense prejudice
of food gone bad!

but given half a chance
the possiblility in that mold
the powder
the green of it

was kinda



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