Wednesday, October 28, 2009

happy halloween

Being short means you can go out trick or treating for Halloween for the rest of your life, I keep trying to convince my Mother who is 87 and 4 foot 11 ( and shrinking) that she could go as an old lady...(the photo is of my Mum going to school for the first time at about age 3, and her beautiful greyhound)

I am thinking of doing the same. At 5 foot 1, I too have been awarded the prize of trick or treating for life!
(I do feel a little sorry for those really really tall 11 year olds that get questioned)

The strangest trick or treaters was a family with a new born (like days old), Mother, Father and Grandmother. All not dressed up. The grandmother held the baby and presented it to me when I opened the door.

The oddest thing I ever got trick or treating was a grapefruit, a guy didn't realize it was halloween and rumaged around his fridge for a while and plopped a grapefruit in my halloween bag.

Happy Haunting.

Trick or Treat.

Happy Happy Candy Eating.

And a Merry Halloween.

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krissy said...

I love that picture of your ma! You should go trick-or-treating! You can totally get away with it and get all that awesome candy for free! I wish I could... or hmmmm, maybe I just need to borrow a baby!?

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