Friday, October 24, 2008

new town

is the name of the diner
at the corner of coxwell and lower gerrard

at the counter sat ida
in a white crochet hat
and large 1970's glasses

sue the flying waitress
asked ida why she was going so soon

and ida said, i didn't bring enough money
as she finished her beer, walks out in slipper shoes a little too big
with her cane and legs she says ache

you know how i am
she tells sue

i ran into someone who needed some money

i am looking out at the sky
through three windows
over the door
looking at nothing
like the water that gathers in eyes too full
the way the sky sometimes is colourless and grey blue
and water vapour dances in a hypnotic way

and my daughter says
what's wrong, your eyes are all watery

and i say oh nothing at all
i am a million miles away

which is a lie, and isn't

(*please read comment by me, to assure you my readers that i am well)


Kim's Suitcase said...

please note, after hearing my friend krissy's concern after reading this post of my well being.
i am fine. just that moment in the restaurant and the emotional charge in the air, something so human and so melancolic, but very much okay.

krissy said...

glad everything's a-ok!

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