Wednesday, September 03, 2008

after the bath

this is one of the pivitol paintings
i saw as a child

a painting by the canadian painter Paul Peel

you see
there in the painting is a warm fire
and two children warming themselves after the bath

'how did they do it dad ?'
'how did they do it!'

'how did they get the fire in the painting?'

it glows
the light is magic

my father giggles, and admits
' i don't know '

i look around

perhaps one of the guards knows

i haven't the moxie

and stare in wonderment

* * * *

a gizzalion years later
my little nine year old bea

has had a bath

and parades inside her bedroom
wearing only a towel, on her head made into a turban
with a seashell tucked into the towelling fold

this is after the bath too
and i reminded of that other time

and this time

and i wonder too
about the magic in this moment

the joy
and the glow

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