Saturday, August 16, 2008


yesterday at work
while standing at the door greeting customers

a small girl with a sad face walked in

her head was wrapped in a turban of gauze
with her pony tail genie fashion sprouting out the top

of course i was curious
but knew better than to ask

all sorts ran through my head
cancer, some tragic accident

until i heard the story
told to another
while circulating
in the store

the small girl with the sad face
oddly made up with cosmetics, a pagent queen
having stumbled

the little girl had had an operation on her ears
it seemed it was the doctors opinion that ears
such as hers should be transformed into more
desirable ears

better ears i suppose?
not grandfather's ears

i think good ears are ones that function
but i like gap teeth
and delicious imperfection

i felt sad for this girl
no fault of her own


wasn't broken

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krissy said...

oh, so sad! i didn't think they actually performed this operation anymore. i know one of my close friends in highschool had her ears "pinned" when she was a kid. i just assumed that was too "old school" to still be done.

although now that i think of it, i suppose in a world such as ours where plastic surgery is bigger than ever, this sort of thing is probably very routine and done without much thought.

still sad though.

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