Sunday, July 20, 2008

all that is

words have been slow

coralled into a spot at the back door
in a wire box, some escaped

landed in the lasagna i didn't make

time passes
back and forth

flow and not

rain always sets me right

to get new footing
i always embark on the task of buying new shoes

i got a pair yesterday
walking with achy legs
up yonge street

sort of sporty and casual
with so much comfort
you wouldn't believe it

i got a new part time job
at a toy store

a very nice toy store
in which i get to converse with great 8 year olds
and see lovely babies in strollers

and test out some of the toys

i read books
sometimes seeing authors i know

and then think of my words
and pictures

and serve the next customer

now is a fork in the road
mismatched from the spoon and knife
tucked away

but that shadow box logic
doesn't disturb

i am enjoying talking with others
up from the basement lair in which i do my other work

my feet are tirered
but the newness excites me

the charactors
and textures

the polite hellos

new and familiar
returning and expanding

rain always sets me right

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