Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sassy unpacked

hey michele thanks for coming by and saying hello.
i really enjoyed sharing sweet potato fries with vicki,
thanks vicki

slo had beautiful shirts and purses

a jeweller i had never seen by the company name old western had
beautiful stuff too, raindrop necklaces, mushroom like vintage button pendants
and a very inspiring woodland suitcase display

kate, seemed to enjoy being in close proximity to the bar.

sales truth be told were a tad slow...

but hey the evening was lots of fun.

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krissy said...

sorry sales were a bit slow but i'm glad to hear you had fun. i was thinking about ya, wondering how it was going...

i finally got the news this afternoon that i've been waiting for for so long. i wanted to call you but by the time i called my family i ran out of time. i'll give you a ring tomorrow, ok?

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