Sunday, May 04, 2008

needle, thread, glue ,rain, loose threads and some babble

biggie and little-y, originally uploaded by Kim's Suitcase.

Yesterday I had the unique opportunity of conducting a workshop day for a Home Schooling Conferance.

It was my pleasure to share the rainy day with such wonderful creative children. A special thank you to Theresa and Marina.

It was especially fun to help Sam sew for the first time, a natural with a needle and thread. I loved walking to the park with Dave and seeing the Magnolia trees in bloom. Great to see John and share in his humour. The day was really moist and the salad dressing was simply gorgeous. The bus ride home was hilarious, it was the philosophy bus with lots of opinions flying about, some disconcerning abuse directed at the driver after the ttc strike by an elderly woman who really was a very creative curser, so much so that even the driver found the humour in being dis-ed. I giggled to myself all the way home.

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krissy said...

i like that collage. the fabric is so nice with your little illo. the brown strip of fabric looks like little question marks.

glad the workshop went well. one more to go...good luck!

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