Thursday, February 28, 2008

today i didn't notice the sky

cloud winter dance, originally uploaded by Kim's Suitcase.

a matter of survival, really and head in the clouds so to speak,
interior landscape sunny, and warm outside another matter, sunny and cold. crinkly cold. the kind that does odd things to inorganic fabric, the cold that even the dog doesn't enjoy, the cold that has the crossing guard drinking warm coffee...but i like it today, knowing that this deep freeze this vice of cold that is holding us in it's grip will pass, faith and experience and the weather watchers say that even next week the temperature will be in the plus. i am dressed today like i live in a cabin in the woods, worn brown corduroy trousers, olive green soft tee, an old plaid shirt, flannel material from jay, i think maybe stewart tartan, argyl wooly tights, under the trousers, a little orange patterned scarf at the throat protecting another warm outer layer of deep chocolate brown heavy knit sweater, and outside i further pile it on, lavender warmth in my scarf, hand made mittens by slo upcycled from old sweaters, a striped hat from jay, angora, hood on...warm kamik winter ski-doo boots, nostalgia about this weather too since it has been warm winters, mild and snowless for so many years. i remember a woman named juanita that i went to art school with that said that she enjoyed this weather and that wonderful feeling of coming indoors to warmth. juanita was warm and smiling almost always, i like her perspective. instead of bracing and pretending, really embracing, looking deeply into sky, listening to the crunch of boots on ice being here now, because the rest really is just fantasy.

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