Wednesday, April 25, 2007

five o'clock five minutes

five o'clock
five minutes
to tell you a story

this is the story of a moment from yesterday.
the cast:
big tree
police cruiser
the setting:

i look up into the big bare tree right into the vein branches and up into blue sky
i look down, into textured bark, marks and ripples and history
i hug tree, arms wrapped only half way round because tree is so old and wise and wide
i say"
I love you!
actually i shout
I love you

unbeknowst to me
a police crusier pulls up
it isn't enough that Bea is rolling her eyes, (just a little)
police officer says'
okay i've got to ask
i reply
just loving this tree
police officer,
a nature lover eh ( thinks nature nut...i am presumming)
just loving this tree
i repeat

five minutes are up

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MimiK said...

love it :-)

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