Monday, December 18, 2006

whaz up?

hi, this will be a streaming mis-spelt kind of post.
i am full of creative energy and surrounded by the lights of Hanukkah and the boughs of christmasness
and no snow, no cold no snow, untamed non constructed ice rinks and garage sales that keep on coming
holy moly whaz up with this...

i decide to create a band the name being the most important part,
introducing "Global Warming and the New Asthmatics"

head swirls, yep i have a puffer, i am a new asthmatics...the cough that went on for ever and still is has brought me the concept of asthma, holy asthma is makes playing snowless pie tag harder,

i have always been a little suspicious about modern medicine, but i have a beautiful human being for a doctor who is so smart and caring and i really really have a lot of trust with her, that i am thinking new thoughts about it all...i think hell gimmie the drugs let me experience what's in your magic bag. it took the pharmacist a while to fill the prescription for all that has been ailing me. as a person of very good physical health this little bout has been quite fascinating, i am reduced to a somewhat sickly little neb, think old time woody allen only female. i carry a puffer, apply cream for a small rash and have taken antibiotics and tylenol 2's . oi vey what a medicine chest.

i used to have this theory, that it was best to be on as little to no medication...i thought and do think it keeps one young and healthy...but recently i feel i am living so much in this modern fast technology heap of a world that i thought i would join in with the concoctions of modern fast times (at ridgemont high and beyond)..

i am feeling well...Despite being ill,
breathing is very important. yep lungs who knew...

in the course of the busiest craft sales time, I was out for the count watching numerous talk shows, Martha, the view, very weird talk about selling, consumerism, but they kept me company and distracted me from my haze of sick sick hack hack coughing.

i lost 3 craft shows and jay had to deliver orders to the stores, i sewed ornaments in a semi real state, nothing injured in the making.

i did my last craft show this my fuzz haze of happy happy happy being out and about i meet a dog.
i have dog fever. you know, those dog people that just can't not say hello to the dogs that possibly carry bones in their pockets. well this dog and it's story captured my heart. a retired racing greyhound named value. sweet as a dream, and so reminded me of some special ed students i have worked for in the past, not that she wasn't clever, just the energy..very i am considering a the cat lady..the girl that fears the bark, the loner wanting a pack animal.

not only that i have a preference for fine delicate jewelry to clunky..

i made my first roast chicken of my life...what an experience.
i am a lapsed veggie, meat does me some good, it's a long mental health story...
i had never bought or cooked a whole darn chicken
i had a lot of reverence for the chicken, i thanked it several times, while buying
roasting and eating ...a roast chicken is undeniably a dead bird without head or feet,

the chicken was delicious as was the smell, my house became more my home, house hearth cooking
nourishment, feeding....i finally get it....

then i made stock from the bones and yes made a nice chicken soup nothing wasted no sir eee,
i am still thanking that sweet chicken that gave its live..thank you.

here i sit with time, and stuff and good feeling..getting better having been quite ill...having to trust and have faith

happy holidays whether it is candles or trees or secret scents or good food or better company
i wish wellness and peace and hope and love.

always love

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Bett, said...

heh girl, i feel better already, thanks, for having read your page. I was checking in to see how you were doin - got my answer - you write how I think and don't write. Hoping that all this will pass, this stuff of "coughing and all". "Twas a pleasure to meet you and I wish & pray for your best new year to come". the Bett

oops, not sure if i can figure this one out but i shall try to send it anyways

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