Thursday, May 04, 2006

today's reason

9:38 am
the living room,
hall way,
all need cleaning


hmmh they still do
that's the whole apartment

the kat box scares me
and the stains in the toilet
what the heck

i know
i should
i will

just sharing
that can't be bad

the studio too
can't see the surface of any work space

what happened
living i guess

pulled into details
the right shoes
the colour

reading materials
good television

yes i will

the deadline

the time
the weather
all those things

for doing something you would rather not

where to find it
when to look

under the sofa cushions

cough up that button
that spring onslaught of sunshine

that hurts the eyes
and saturates

yep that glenn gould thing again
this change of season


thank full
for cloud cover

and walking with words
strung along
one after another after another

i have things i want to say

yes i hear the hamsters cage need doing too
and tonight's dinner for 3

laundry is done
that's one thing

a.d.d. you think
allergic reaction
to sunlight?

i have so much to tell
about the fruit market boys

and the colours in cloud

and the way the grass grows in patches
over at the field in the schoolyard

and the abandoned cheese string
that became the ant condominium

and the word condominium
and being 7

and lost in space

and letters
and shows
and friends

and my breakfast

and all that


got a few things to do now
i will begin in the living room

sweep clean even under the rug..


Kim's Suitcase said...

12:27 pm
rockford files
the view
part of the news on channel 9

living room clean and tidy

Kim's Suitcase said...

pickn' the chicken
garden salad from a bag
thousand islands dressing
anita shreve the pilots wife
bathroom cleaned
toilet still stained
tub almost clean
cat box clean
sink shining
bottles many
garbage emptied

coffee perhaps,
cause ya gotta do what ya gotta do

at 3

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jaime said...

the ever-looming cleaning! i finally caved in yesterday and cleaned my loo and mopped the floors and dusted. i just LOVED the pilot's wife. a good distraction from cleaning i must say!

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