Sunday, June 19, 2005

if i win the lottery i will give you some

upstairs i come to find him standing there
in black and white, bespecled
like the guy from the payolas,
a little bit rock a billy,
probably a little bit crazy,
curly blond hair, hornrims
and a belly paunch
he surveys the videos,
consuming them
remembering them
and asks if he can have me hold them
i will be in in 10 days thats when i get paid
he stacks videos in a neat pile,
some good titles some questionable
from pretty woman, citizen cane to the lion king
he asks about the cd on the film angela's ashes
and tells me he is irish too,
then runs out like he has left a pot on the stove
muttering something about his forgotten dad,
it is fathers day after all
will this guy ever come back?
he says he will in half an hour
will he get paid in 10 days?
half an hour later he is back
continuing to stock pile
a temptations cd
the bag i am filling with his name on it
Jeff, will collect in 10 days
is over flowing
he is happy to have the items held,
the 20 or so videos are just what he has been searching for i am certain
he tells me he plays the lottery once twice a week and if he wins
he will give me some
thanks thats great says i
keeping pace with the fast double dutch of this encounter
i can't hold any more for you
he eyes the bag
no more bags eh, i will bring you some
i will see you in 10 days,
he says
flying out the store
dad at the window,
and some how i do believe i will.

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