Wednesday, March 23, 2005


i have always drawn from emotion,
rather than logic
even in life drawing class
i tilted my head to the side
in a show of empathy
to understand better

the teacher
found it charming
but wrong
and adjusted my posture
so i could see
the way he thought
i needed to.


goddess_spiral said...

You see just great the way you do.

julie70 said...

I love it I love it ! I am 70 years old but at my photo class my teacher sais also what I should see, how to make best documentary photos. Perhaps, she is right, but I still have MY way. (my photos on JoyOfLife on flickr) or Julie70, I do not know how people can see me, tells me with people's comments and favored, the photos she dismissed are people's favs so far...

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